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1.AM a good driver…I drive people crazy

funny t shirts design india


2.Diamonds are 4ever..but My bank bal isn’t

funny t shirts design india




3.Don’t Ask for Autograph

funny t shirts design india



4.Easily મળું એટલે નવરાં ન સમજવું

funny t shirts design india


5.FB mein fake…real life me Nek

funny t shirts design india


6.I’m not selfish…just imitate you

funny t shirts design india


7.I’m Sorry but always right

funny t shirts design india



8.Idol of Idles

funny t shirts design india


9.Mere paas Ghar-Gaadi-Bank Bal or Maa bhi hai

funny t shirts design india


10.Not bad-one Just a mirror

funny t shirts design india


Funny t-shirts in India

Funny T-shirt Quotes

There are so many things in the world which we want to do to look unique. We all want to be the odd one out in the crowd. The easiest way to be different from all is to wear a funky and cool t-shirt. Let’s have a look at some funny t-shirt quotes that you can print on your t-shirt or buy t-shirts like that.


Funny T-shirt Quotes for Friends| Funny Quotes for Shirts

If you search for funny t-shirts online and find some cool amazing funny slogans for t-shirts, then you can print the same and customize the design accordingly. It is one of the best ways to create your own t-shirt design and use your own ideas. When you search online you will also find funny t-shirt quotes in Hindi and English. The following are some funny t-shirt ideas that you can easily implement.


Funny t-shirt Slogans

  • Women don’t go left because they are always right
  • I paused my game to be here
  • I didn’t say you are guilty, I said I was going to blame you
  • Don’t come near me, I got COVID 20
  • Did you see me slapping you, I simply high-fived your face
  • I think I’ve chosen the ugliest day ever
  • Farts are like kids, you hate others but love your own


Funny Quotes T-Shirts Online| Custom Slogan t-shirt

  • I could be anything but I decided to be a dreamer, so I sleep
  • Some people need a high five right at their faces
  • I’m silently judging you
  • I’m in a shape, it looks like “O”
  • One tequila, two tequila, three tequila, floor
  • I pee in pools
  • Guns don’t kill people, moms with thick thighs and big eyes do.


Funny Slogan t-shirts | Funny Quotes for Shirts

Buy Printed Funny Slogan T-shirts Online in India at a very reasonable price and then design them with custom patterns following the current trend and using these funny t-shirt quotes.

If you search properly, you can also find cool Hindi printed t-shirts online, famous quotes t-shirts, and the best graphic t-shirts online.

  • I ain’t angry, it’s just my face
  • I ain’t short, I am Hobbit
  • WTF- with the family
  • Totally high on stress
  • Beaches love me
  • Nothing is impossible in this world that’s why I do nothing
  • My Love life is like dinosaurs, they don’t exist anymore.


Unique t-shirts in India| Quotation t-shirts Online India

  • If we shouldn’t eat at night, then why there is light in the fridge
  • Don’t scare me, I fart easily
  • Let me help my kids to find the cookie I ate last night
  • People say to follow your dreams so I sleep the whole day
  • Hit someone with a dictionary and hurt them with the words.


Slogan t-shirts for Females

  • I am as single as a one Rupee coin, nobody asks me for a change
  • Are you free tomorrow? Nope I would still be expensive
  • My husband and I are doing a workshop. He does work and I shop
  • Went for an eye checkup because I don’t understand what I saw in you
  • Less is more unless you are a thief
  • I may be a beginner at something but always have a black belt in shopping
  • I’m slowly becoming an adult but please make it stop
  • Bitch I am street, watch both sides before crossing me.


Funky t-shirts Online India

  • What if there is no google? good question I’ll have to google it.
  • I don’t have grey hair, I have wisdom-highlights
  • I was sneezing next to my PC and the antivirus popped up!
  • Smile like a monkey with a new banana
  • Think as it’s not illegal yet
  • Bitch! Hey I just forgot your real name

So here are the top funny t-shirt quotes available online in India. If you are looking to buy printed t-shirts, then make the best use of these Funny T-Shirts available online in India.


Funny T-shirt Quotes | Short Attitude Quotes T-Shirt Ideas

We all humans are different from each other, in the way we think, we talk, we look, we appear to be, and so on. We also do our best to keep that going. Wearing clothes that are unique and makes you look funky is a top priority for most men and women.

Today we will share the top t-shirt quotes that are funny and full of attitude. that you can get an idea of and also can print them for yourself. Let’s see.

Funny t-shirt for male

Funny Tshirt Quotes:

  • I came here only to have food!!!
  • In a relationship one is male and the other is always right
  • I love graveyards because people die to get in there
  • Let’s save the earth, it’s the only planet that has cheese.
  • My parents should be thankful that I became an asshole instead of a drug addict
  • Monday cannot be a lady, it comes too early!!!
  • I came, I saw and forgot what I should I do next.

Short Attitude Status T-Shirt Quotes:

  • Blink if you want me
  • I speak fluent sarcasm
  • I am bilingual, I speak English and bitch too
  • Zombies are freaking crazy, don’t act like them
  • You go, girl !!!! Just don’t come back !!!


T-Shirt Quotes Saying| Cool T-Shirt Quotes

  • Does this T-shirt make me look bald?
  • Does this T-shirt make me look fat?
  • Staying home, cuz it’s too people out there
  • I love God but I use the F word too
  • Who let me an adult? I can’t an adult!!


Short attitude captions| Short Attitude Quotes

 Check out these attitude short quotes and find the best one for your t-shirt design idea.

  • Don’t scare me, I poop easily
  • A girl? Is your name google? Cuz my search ends at you!
  • Follow your dreams, stay in bed
  • What doesn’t kill you, disappoints me
  • I wish I was full of pizza instead of depression
  • Cancer, COVID, HIV- then comes LOVE.


Bad attitude T-shirts:

  • Farting is just my way to say I love you
  • A woman needs a man just like a fish needs a motorbike
  • Life’s a bitch and then you marry one
  • I was normal 3 dogs ago
  • I hope your phone falls in the toilet
  • My three favorite things are eating my boyfriend and not using commas.


Attitude Quotes:

  • Got my drama from my mama
  • The moment you leave the room brightens the day
  • I think my guardian angel drinks
  • Like a good neighbor, stay back there
  • I am a mermaid and I don’t trust humans.


Short Quotes:

  • Donut grow up
  • Zero FOX has given
  • Ughhh!!! Dishes, don’t look at me dirty again, I can’t eat you.
  • There is no “We” in food
  • Love is in the hair
  • I can’t keep calm because I have a sleeping disorder

These were the top t-shirt quotes of funny types of all time. If you are looking for the best t-shirt quotes ever, then you can easily consider these.